The C-Mount, Upgraded.

Adjustment of the Flange-Back Distance is something crucial for sharp HD. sinaCAM offers an incredibly quick and precise adjustment mechanism.

A Joy To Use On Set.

Rugged buttons and an intuitive scroll-wheel.
The most important things are visible at a glance and even detailed settings quick to reach. 

3 Reasons for Great 3D.

1. Perfect Couples.

sinaCAM 3D-Sets ship with sensors calibrated to each other. Paired lenses guarantee a very low relative distortion.

2. Closer Than Ever.

sinaCAM heads can be closer together than two human eyes, without a mirror. Both camera heads get full natural light.

3. Exact Sync and Matching.

Extremely precise frame sync. Left and right images are processed in the same chip, all image properties match perfectly.

sinaCAM LT for Broadcast.

The 2D alternative to the full sinaCAM base unit - at roughly half the price. Remote-controlled using the sinaCAM Web Interface or a Remote Control Panel (RCP).

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