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Tiniest big league player.

2D/3D HD at up to 60 FPS13.5 f-stops
Cinema-Level Color Depth

A new kind of camera.

Base unit
16-bit image


Camera heads
3D HD video

A single cable connects each head to the base unit.
This cable can be up to 180m (2 football fields) long.

“My camera of choice for all those jobs where a full size camera isn't possible.”
Geoff Boyle –

“Shooting a whole show with a camera that fits in the palm of my hand - an entirely new way of capturing television.”
Zach Zamboni - DOP for CNN

Discover a camera unlike any you’ve seen.

Creative freedom.

Shoulder rigs, steadycam rigs and camera cranes.
Move just the camera heads, effortlessly.
Perfect balance, high precision and comfort.

The entire South Korea episode shot with handheld sinaCAMs.
Full flexibility, full immersion. DOP: Zach Zamboni (CNN).

Actors handling sinaCAM heads themselves, giving an intimate selfie-effect, in high-grade RAW.


A full 3D system as light as a battery.

1.5 kg
3.3 lbs

Up for anything.

Climbing, flying, diving. Extreme shots require extreme equipment. Often extremely light equipment.

Along for the ride.

sinaCAM heads are so light, they have practically no momentum. Mount them to the most ridicolous places. Accelerate them. Always get steady, breathtaking shots.

You won’t believe your eyes.

Unreasonably brilliant.

Who expects cinema quality from a tiny camera?
Full dynamic detail and breathtaking, natural colors.
sinaCAM surprises in every situation.

Superior sensor.

At the scale of sinaCAM, using a CCD sensor pays off.
Better raw picture than all CMOS cameras of similar size.

Large Sensitivity Range
(100-3200 ASA)

Exceptionally Low Noise
(64 dB S/N at 0 dB Gain)

Full Temperature Stability
(black level & color linearity)

No Fixed-Pattern-Noise

Diverse Shutter Speeds
(full-frame, 1/50 to 1/5000)

True Global Shutter
(no motion distortions)

More Like Film.

sinaCAM's CCD can deal with a lot of light. Wide apertures for depth-of-field and slow shutter speeds for fluid motion - at the same time.

Delicate processing.

16-Bit signal and gamma process. Custom low-pass filter for incredible resolution.

Gamma curves done right.

Quickly find the best settings for any lighting situation using sinaCAM’s intuitive scroll wheel interface. Adjust gain and shutter speed. Choose from a wide variety of gamma curves. Your black and white levels will stay put when switching.

R. 709

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